Where Can I Park My Unregistered Car?

Can You Have Unregistered Car In Driveway?

When you buy a car, whether it is new or used, you have to register it with your local DMV. You can get fined or have your vehicle impounded if you drive around without registering it.  But what about parking it in your own driveway? Surely, you should be able to keep an unregistered vehicle … Read more

Issues Caused By A Driveway That’s Too Steep 

My Driveway Is Too Steep For My Car

The ideal slope range for a driveway is between 2 and 15 percent. That means the driveway rises 2-15 feet for every 100 feet of length. But sometimes, especially in hilly areas, driveways can be as steep as 20% or even 25%.  If your driveway has a slope greater than 12%, it is considered to … Read more

What Happens If You Park On A New Driveway Too Soon?

How Long To Wait To Park On A New Driveway?

How long you should wait to park on a new driveway depends mostly on the type of driveway. With some driveways, you can park on it immediately while others require waiting between a week and a month (depending on the type of vehicle you want to park on it).   What Happens If You Park On … Read more

how to report people parking in your driveway

How To Report People Parking In Your Driveway?

It’s happened to all of us. You come home from a long day of work, pull into your driveway, and discover that someone has parked in your space. Or maybe you wake up on a Saturday morning, ready to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee, only to find that there’s a car blocking you in.  … Read more

Is it Illegal to Block Someone’s Driveway

What To Do If Someone Is Blocking Your Driveway?

Ah, the age-old conundrum: you return home from a long day at work, ready to relax in your own space, only to discover that someone has thoughtlessly parked in your driveway and blocked you in. Now what? Let’s take a closer look.  Is it Illegal to Block Someone’s Driveway? There are few things more frustrating … Read more

Can Someone Use My Driveway to Turn Around

How To Keep Neighbors Off Your Driveway?

If you’ve ever had a neighbor who likes to park in your driveway, then you know how frustrating it can be. Not only is it an inconvenience, but it can also damage your property. So, how do you keep neighbors off your driveway? Read on to find out. There are a few things you can … Read more

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