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Pros of Gravel Driveways

Gravel Driveway Pros And Cons

The biggest reason many homeowners choose gravel driveways is that they are the cheapest kind. They are also easy to install and have excellent drainage. On the flip side, they don’t offer the same aesthetics as a concrete or paved driveway and issues with weeds are common.  If you are thinking about installing a gravel … Read more

grass driveway pros and cons

Grass Driveway Pros And Cons

Yes, there’s something like a grass driveway. No, it doesn’t consist of just grass planted on the ground. A grass-only driveway wouldn’t hold up for long. A grass driveway typically consists of a rock or gravel base, just like other driveways, plus pavers with spaces for grass to grow through.  Grass driveways have lately gotten … Read more

ribbon driveway pros and cons

Ribbon Driveway Pros And Cons

Ever seen one of those driveways consisting of two parallel strips with an unpaved space in between? Well, it has a name. It’s called a ribbon driveway. Also known as Hollywood driveways, they became popular in the 1920s, but have since gotten less popular as homeowners opt for fully paved driveways. But these classic driveways … Read more

Benefits Of Polishing A Concrete Driveway

Can You Polish A Concrete Driveway?

It’s common to polish indoor concrete floors to make them better looking, easier to clean and longer lasting. But what about a concrete driveway? Can you polish it? Yes, you can definitely polish a concrete driveway. In fact, it’s a great way to improve your concrete driveway and extend its lifespan.  In this post, we … Read more

Where Can I Park My Unregistered Car?

Can You Have Unregistered Car In Driveway?

When you buy a car, whether it is new or used, you have to register it with your local DMV. You can get fined or have your vehicle impounded if you drive around without registering it.  But what about parking it in your own driveway? Surely, you should be able to keep an unregistered vehicle … Read more

Issues Caused By A Driveway That’s Too Steep 

My Driveway Is Too Steep For My Car

The ideal slope range for a driveway is between 2 and 15 percent. That means the driveway rises 2-15 feet for every 100 feet of length. But sometimes, especially in hilly areas, driveways can be as steep as 20% or even 25%.  If your driveway has a slope greater than 12%, it is considered to … Read more

What Happens If You Park On A New Driveway Too Soon?

How Long To Wait To Park On A New Driveway?

How long you should wait to park on a new driveway depends mostly on the type of driveway. With some driveways, you can park on it immediately while others require waiting between a week and a month (depending on the type of vehicle you want to park on it).   What Happens If You Park On … Read more

Why Do Tires Leave Marks on the Driveway?

How To Clean Driveway Tire Marks?

While they don’t affect the structure, longevity or quality of the driveway, tire marks and scuffs can make your driveway look unsightly. They can also impact the value of your home if you are trying to sell.  In this post we tackle this issue of tire marks on the driveway. We discuss why they occur, … Read more

What Is A Resin Bound Driveway?

Resin Driveway Pros And Cons

Wondering whether a resin driveway is the right choice for your home? You’ve come to the right place.  In this guide, we discuss what a resin driveway is and its pros and cons.  Note that we focus on resin bound (not bonded) driveways. But we’ll also talk a bit about resin bonded driveways and how … Read more

What Is A Rubber Driveway?

Rubber Driveway Pros And Cons

While rubber paving is nothing new, it is still not as popular as other paving options such as concrete and asphalt. Like any other type of driveway material, rubber has its pros and cons. We cover them all in this guide. We also discuss how rubber compares to other more conventional types of driveway. What Is … Read more

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